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Meet SMS-iT™ Gateway, a smart decentralized SMS/MMS messaging Gateway, built for businesses, IoT, Metaverse and the Blockchain, which enables you to send unlimited messages worldwide for cheap.

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SMS-iT™ has the Cloud and Decentralized Versions. The Cloud version uses 100% of our infrastructure, with centralized control by us. The Decentralized version uses 95% of our infrastructure, and the remaining 5% is your SMPP account plus your Android Phone or Raspberry PI Linux or Windows server running the Android OS. This 5% capacity is used as the decentralized SMPP connection or hardware modem for the Smart SMS/MMS Gateway of the Decentralized version.

The Decentralized version comes fully equipped with its own Smart SMS/MMS Gateway, which enables you to send unlimited messages at the lowest prices you can find on the internet!

The SMS-iT Gateway enables you to relay bulk SMS/MMS messages to your intended recipients, by utilizing our SMS-iT Gateway Modem Android APP configured on your Android Phone or Raspberry PI, Linux or Windows running the Android OS, as your decentralized SMS/MMS Gateway. The Decentralized version is perfectly suited for IoT, Metaverse and Blockchain projects, because of its direct integration with Raspberry PI, Linux or Windows servers running the Android OS.

A sim-card capable of sending sms/mms messages is required for the Android phone or server running the Android OS. The sim-card acts as your Private Number.

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Already have SMPP by Twilio, Plivo, SignalWire, etc? You can use it!

Enable Super Speed for sending your SMS and MMS messages in your Decentralized Version account with SMPP. Also enable Voice and Fax broadcasting!

Now you can use SMPP provided by Twilio, SignalWire, Bandwidth, Telnyx, Plivo etc…, with your decentralized version account, while also using your decentralized gateway, to enable Voice, Fax and super sending speed for your bulk SMS and MMS messages.

You can also choose to just use only SMPP to power your Decentralized Version account for 2-Way conversations.

Pricing Plans - Decentralized Version

Choose Your Plan

We offer two different plans for our decentralized version that cover the needs of modern startups and businesses. One is provided via monthly payments for your convenience.


  • SMS/MMS Messages
  • Flat Rate
  • SMPP
  • Free US/CA Number
  • Free Inbound Messages
  • Global - Outside US/CA
  • Daily Send Limit
  • Super Speed
  • Unlimted Messaging
  • 51+ Smart Features
  • Smart Database
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Voice calls
  • Fax / Voicemail
  • Buy Mobile Numbers
  • Use Your SIM Card
  • Rollover Credits
  • API & Integrations
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited User Seats
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Support 24hrs/7 days

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When You First Sign-up

What happens when you first sign-up?

When you first sign-up for a Decentralized Version account, your account would be automatically configured with a Demo Gateway which comes with a US mobile number.

The Demo Gateway limits you to sending messages only, where to have your account fully functional with your own personal mobile number and the ability to send and receive messages, you would be required to configure your FREE SMS-iT Gateway with your Android Phone or server running the Android OS.

How can I configure the SMS-iT™ Gateway?

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Our dashboard powered by Artificial Intelligence provides advanced statistics for every touch point of your campaign. It tracks every detail of your campaigns, including how many messages you send, cost of sent messages, and any issues with delivery.

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