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opt-in consumer records
to grow your business

Use our smart CRM to build your TCPA compliant lists, from our database of over 1billion segmented records of potential customers.

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The Only Database You’ll Need to Grow Your Potential Customer List

SMS-iT introduces a new way of growing and managing your customers list and getting better results for your business.

SMS-iT™ Database is a smart database of over 1Billion opt-in segmented mobile records of targeted customers, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Automation, that can be used to build your TCPA compliant consent lists for mobile marketing campaigns.

How Many Records?

How many segmented mobile records are in the SMS-iT™ Database?

1Billion Segmented Mobile #'s of Targeted Customers and counting

Opt-in Records?

Are the segmented mobile records in the SMS-iT™ Database Opt-in or Scraped from the internet?

All mobile records are opt-in, and provided by our data partners. We never scrape data from the internet.

Big Data powered by Artificial Intelligence

Over 1 000 000 000 segmented records to target

Target your potential customers using their exact Geographic locations, and other segmented characteristics, like profile data, demographics, interests, industry, behavior, location, etc. Communicate without limits!


500,000 Customers


250,000 Customers


120,000 Customers


150,000 Customers

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Time to Open New Horizons

It’s time to increase your profit and achieve better results for your business! Reach Your Customers Where They Are.