Frequently Asked Questions

Platform & Usage

What is SMS-iT?
SMS-iT is an all-encompassing platform that includes SMS-iT CRM and a diverse ecosystem of 22+ Smart Tools, all powered by advanced AI. These tools cover a wide array of functionalities, from lead acquisition and nurturing to sales management and client retention.

Additionally, SMS-iT offers unique features like simcard integration with warming technology, specialized pipeline automation, and an ecosystem of 30 SMS gateways. The platform's strength lies in its ability to revolutionize customer engagement through cutting-edge technology and automation. With SMS-iT, businesses can scale faster, save costs, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.
What is SMS-iT CRM?
SMS-iT is a semi-sentient communication focused CRM for sales and marketing. SMS-iT CRM is an all-in-one system designed for infinite growth, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for lead acquisition, client nurturing, sales management, and client retention. It offers more than 50 sales and marketing tools, including built-in artificial intelligence, unlimited calling and texting, smart inbox with messaging channels, funnel and site builder, social media planner, appointment booking system, and much more.

Additionally, SMS-iT CRM stands out with features like SIM card integration, advanced AI capabilities for messaging and marketing, an ecosystem of 30 SMS gateways, and blockchain and IoT capabilities. This platform is tailored to help businesses scale faster and save costs on their monthly software expenses.

SMS-iT is semi-sentient because it can understand and interpret text inputs, make contextually relevant suggestions or responses, and learn from user interactions to improve future interactions.

SMS-iT is like having an all-in-one supercharged CRM. It uses AI to handle everything from marketing and sales to messaging and calling, across multiple channels. It’s as if you combined the best features of Salesforce, GHL, and Flowtrack into a single, powerhouse platform. And this is just the beginning – once we unleash our full range of features, you’ll witness a CRM that’s truly in a league of its own.
What is SMS-iT's Business Model?
SMS-iT is revolutionizing the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage their sales and marketing efforts with its cutting-edge Semi-Sentient communication focused CRM. Here's a detailed business model outlining its key components and value proposition:

Target Market: SMS-iT primarily targets SMBs across various industries who are seeking to streamline their sales and marketing processes and achieve sustainable growth.

Comprehensive Suite of Tools: SMS-iT offers an extensive suite of over 50 sales and marketing tools, including lead acquisition, client nurturing, sales management, and client retention features. This all-in-one platform caters to the diverse needs of SMBs, eliminating the need for multiple fragmented solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Integration: SMS-iT leverages built-in artificial intelligence to automate and optimize various aspects of sales and marketing. From personalized messaging to predictive analytics, AI enhances efficiency and effectiveness across the CRM platform.

Multi-Channel Communication: The CRM provides seamless integration with various communication channels, including unlimited calling and texting, smart inbox with messaging channels, and social media planner. This enables SMBs to engage with their leads and clients through their preferred channels, enhancing customer experience.

Advanced Features: SMS-iT stands out with advanced features such as SIM card integration, blockchain, and IoT capabilities. These features enable businesses to leverage emerging technologies for enhanced communication, security, and automation.

Scalability and Cost Efficiency: SMS-iT is designed for infinite growth, allowing businesses to scale their operations without worrying about outgrowing their CRM system. Moreover, by consolidating multiple tools into a single platform and offering competitive pricing plans, SMS-iT helps SMBs save costs on their monthly software expenses.

Ecosystem Integration: The CRM seamlessly integrates with a network of 30 SMS gateways, ensuring reliable and efficient communication with leads and clients. This ecosystem approach enhances connectivity and accessibility for SMBs, regardless of their geographic location or communication preferences.

Unique Value Proposition: SMS-iT combines the best features of leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, GHL, and Flowtrack, offering SMBs a comprehensive and supercharged solution for their sales and marketing needs. With continuous innovation and the promise of unleashing additional features, SMS-iT aims to establish itself as the premier CRM platform for SMBs.

Customer Support and Training: SMS-iT provides robust customer support and training resources to ensure that SMBs can maximize the value of the CRM platform. From onboarding assistance to ongoing technical support, SMS-iT is committed to helping its customers succeed in their sales and marketing endeavors.

Overall, SMS-iT's business model revolves around empowering SMBs with a state-of-the-art CRM solution that combines advanced technology, comprehensive features, scalability, and cost efficiency. By catering to the unique needs of SMBs and delivering exceptional value, SMS-iT aims to drive growth and success for its customers while establishing itself as a leader in the CRM market.
What are the available Smart Tools in SMS-iT CRM?
We currently have 22+ Smart Tools in SMS-iT CRM, which includes:
1. Auto Responders: These are automated responses that can be triggered based on specific keywords, actions, or time triggers. They help provide instant replies to messages, ensuring quick customer engagement.

2. Auto Responder Chatbot: This is an automated chatbot that interacts with users based on predefined rules and algorithms. It can handle various tasks and inquiries without human intervention.

3. Birthday SMS Wishes: This feature allows businesses to automatically send personalized birthday wishes to their customers via SMS. It's a thoughtful way to engage and build rapport with customers.

4. Blogger: This tool likely allows for the creation and management of blog content, which can be integrated with your CRM system for marketing purposes.

5. Contests: This feature enables you to run competitions or giveaways, engaging your audience and potentially increasing brand awareness or customer loyalty.

6. Contracts: This feature could involve the management and tracking of business contracts, ensuring that all parties involved adhere to the agreed-upon terms.

7. Fundraising Kiosk: This tool facilitates collecting donations or funds through a digital kiosk or platform, making it convenient for supporters to contribute to a cause.

8. GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer): GPT is an AI model known for its advanced natural language processing capabilities. In this context, it may be used to enhance communication and interactions with customers.

9. Kiosk Builder: This tool likely allows you to design and create interactive kiosk interfaces, which can be used for various purposes like information dissemination, surveys, or collecting feedback.

10. Loyalty Programs: This feature enables businesses to implement and manage loyalty programs, where customers are rewarded for their repeat business or other specified actions.

11. Mobile Coupons: This allows you to distribute coupons or special offers to customers via mobile devices, providing an incentive for them to make a purchase or take a specific action.

12. Mobile Page Builder: This tool helps you design and create mobile-friendly web pages. These pages can be optimized for various purposes, such as product promotions, event information, or lead generation.

13. NON-GSM Character Checker: This is likely a tool that helps verify and manage characters that may not be compatible with GSM networks, ensuring that messages are delivered accurately.

14. Polls: This feature enables you to create and distribute polls or surveys to your audience, gathering valuable feedback or data for market research.

15. Q&A SMS Bots: This involves using automated bots to engage with customers and provide answers to their questions via SMS, enhancing customer support and service.

16. QR Codes: QR codes are scannable barcodes that can be used to direct users to specific online content, such as websites, apps, or promotional materials.

17. Short Links: These are condensed versions of URLs that redirect users to specific web pages. They are useful for sharing concise, easy-to-remember links.

18. Sites: This likely refers to the ability to create and manage websites or landing pages within the CRM system, providing a platform for online presence and engagement.

- Funnel: The funnel represents the stages a customer goes through before making a purchase or taking a desired action. It typically includes stages like awareness, consideration, and conversion. This tool helps design and track customer journeys through various stages.
- Website: This tool involves the creation and management of websites within the CRM system. It allows businesses to have an online presence where they can provide information, showcase products or services, and engage with their audience.
- Blogs: This tool allows for the creation and management of blog content. Blogs are a way to share informative and engaging content with your audience, which can help drive traffic to your website and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.
- Membership: This tool allow you to create and manage membership programs or areas within your website. This can be used for exclusive content, special offers, or community engagement with your loyal customers.
- Forms: Forms are interactive elements on a website where visitors can input information. This tool allows you to create and customize forms for various purposes such as lead generation, contact forms, surveys, and more.
- Surveys: This tool enables you to create and distribute surveys to your audience. Surveys are useful for gathering feedback, conducting market research, and understanding customer preferences.
- Chat Widget: The chat widget is a small interface element on a website that allows visitors to engage in real-time chat with a representative. It provides an instant way for visitors to get answers to their questions or receive assistance. It is powered by AI, and you can train the AI using Text, Website URL, Chat Logs, User Feedback and Industry-Specific Knowledge.
- URL Redirects: This tool allows you to manage the redirection of URLs. It means that when a user tries to access a specific URL, you can configure it to redirect them to another page or website. This can be used for various purposes like rebranding, tracking campaigns, or ensuring a smooth user experience.

19. Social Planner: This tool helps schedule and manage social media posts and campaigns, ensuring consistent and strategic communication across various platforms.

20. Text To Win (Sweepstakes): This feature allows you to run text message-based sweepstakes or contests, where participants can enter by sending a specific keyword via SMS.

21. Video Ads: This involves the creation and distribution of video advertisements, which can be used to promote products, services, or events to a wider audience.

22. Web Sign-up Widget: This widget likely provides a user-friendly way for visitors to your website to sign up for newsletters, promotions, or other forms of communication, helping you capture leads and build your customer base.
What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for SMS-iT CRM?
At SMS-iT CRM, we redefine the landscape of Customer Relationship Management with a suite of unprecedented features and capabilities that set us apart from the competition. Here's why SMS-iT CRM is the unrivaled choice for modern businesses:

1. Simcard Integration with Warming Technology: Our cutting-edge simcard integration with warming technology ensures seamless communication, providing a superior edge in customer engagement.

2. AI Integration for Messaging and Marketing: Our AI isn't just powerful; it's trainable across various data sources including Website Text, Chat Logs, User Feedback, Industry Specific Data, YouTube, PDFs, Sitemaps, DOC files, Code Docs, and Notion. This means your AI gets smarter and more attuned to your business.

3. Comprehensive Suite of Smart Tools: With over 22 smart tools powered by AI, we offer an extensive toolkit to streamline your operations, from messaging to analytics, ensuring efficiency at every turn.

4. Appointment AI Bot: Our AI Bot revolutionizes appointment scheduling, ensuring seamless coordination between your team and clients, reducing friction in the booking process.

5. Specialized Pipeline Automation: Tailored to your industry, our automation processes optimize your sales pipelines, maximizing conversions and revenue.

6. Wide Ecosystem of 30 SMS Gateways: We provide unparalleled access to a network of 30 SMS gateways, ensuring reliable and swift message delivery to your audience.

7. Smart Analytics for Informed Decision-Making: Leverage our smart analytics to gain deep insights into customer behavior and engagement patterns, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

8. AI Recommendation Page: Our AI interprets data intelligently, presenting actionable recommendations that drive your business forward.

9. Staff AI: Augment your team's capabilities with Staff AI, an AI-powered virtual assistance, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

10. iOT Capability: Seamlessly integrate with IoT devices for a connected experience that amplifies customer engagement.

11. Blockchain Capability: Secure your data and transactions with our blockchain integration, ensuring utmost trust and transparency in your operations.

12. Omnichannel Messaging and Marketing in the Metaverse : Stay at the forefront of technology by expanding your outreach to the metaverse, ensuring your brand is where your audience is.

13. Geo Location Marketing : Pinpoint your target audience based on their geographical location, delivering hyper-targeted marketing messages for maximum impact.

In a crowded CRM market, SMS-iT CRM stands tall with its unparalleled combination of technology, customization, and innovation. Elevate your customer relationships with the CRM that leads the way into the future. Choose SMS-iT CRM today.
Is your platform accessible in my country?
Yes, our platform is designed to be accessible in over 180 countries, ensuring a wide international reach for our users.
How many SMS Gateways are available on your platform?
With SMS-iT CRM, you currently have the following SMS Gateways available:
1. SMS-iT (Your Simcard)
2. Pilvo
3. SignalWire
4. Vonage (Formerly Nexmo)
5. Bandwidth
6. Telnyx
7. Ytel
8. Twilio

We would be adding 20 new SMS Gateways to SMS-iT CRM, to bring our total to 28 SMS Gateways:
1. Kaleyra: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
2. Sinch: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
3. MessageBird: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
4. Telerivet: Focuses on serving emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
5. Infobip: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
6. Clickatell: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
7. 46elks: Primarily serves European countries.
8. Routee: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
9. OpenMarket: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
10. Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
11. TextMagic: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
12. Tyntec: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
13. Avochato: Primarily serves the United States.
14. EngageSpark: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
15. Mitto: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
16. RoutoMessaging: Primarily serves European countries.
17. MessageMedia: Primarily serves Australia and New Zealand.
18. SMSGlobal: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
19. SMSAPI: Primarily serves European countries.
20. Twizo: Global coverage, serving multiple countries worldwide.
How Do I Set-up The SMS-iT CRM Simcard Gateway App?
Setting Up Your SMS-iT CRM Simcard Gateway App:
NOTE: Please make sure to add your country code to your phone number at the profile section of the SMS-iT platform, especially if you are using the same number as your Simcard number in the app, or it will not work.

Step 1: Login to your SMS-iT CRM account, click on SMS Gateways & SMPP, and click Simcard. Then scan the first QR code. Allow all necessary permissions.

Step 2: Scan the second QR code and allow the required permissions.

Step 3: Check if your phone number appears at the dashboard or in the "Active Number" section. To check in the "Active Number" section, click on the profile in the top left corner dropdown menu. Under your profile, you'll find the "Active Numbers" on the left-hand side.
If your number does not appear at either the dashboard or active number section, logout from your Android APP, and log back in manually with your user name and password, then check the platform dashboard or Active Number section again for your number.
If your number still does not show, then click on Add Number at the Active Number section, and add your number manually, while choosing Simcard as your option.

Step 4: Start the service on the SMS-iT app, by clicking on the blue button at the bottom right section on your phone.

Step 5: Run a test within the SMS-iT app to ensure everything is working fine.

Troubleshooting APK Update Issues:

If your SMS stops sending after an APK update, follow these steps:
Step 1: Delete the SMS-iT app from your phone.

Step 2: Go to your profile, then the "Active Number" section. Click on the trash can icon to delete your SIM card.

Step 3: Click on "SMS Gateway" and select "SMPP Connection."

Step 4: Download the Simcard Gateway APP again, by Scaning the first QR code and allow all permissions.

Step 5: Next, login to the Simcard Gateway APP, by Scaning the second QR code or manually loggin in with your credentials. Then allow all necessary permissions.

Step 6: Start the service on the app.

Step 7: Run tests to check if the issue is resolved.

NOTE: If you dont add your country code to your phone number, and use the same phone number as your simcard number, it will not work.

Further Assistance:
If you're still experiencing issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to help!
Do I need to have an active account with Twilio, Bandwidth, Telnyx, Ytel, Plivo, Signal Wire, or Vonage to use your CRM?
No. You can use your Simcard and use the full functionalities of the SMS-iT CRM. You can also buy a number directly from us, which would give you Cloud Credits to use the CRM without your own Simcard or Gateways. By subscribing to any of our monthly plans, you get a FREE US/Canadian number with Cloud credits to send messages and make calls and use the full functionalities of the CRM, after which you can purchase additional numbers and credits as you see fit.

To use your own SMS Gateways, you must have an active subscription with one of our specified gateway providers, where you must also complete your A2P registration directly with the chosen gateway provider. Using our Free US number or buying additonal numbers directly from us, without using your own SMS Gateway also requires you to complete A2P 10DLC registration for local numbers, and A2P registration for Toll-Free numbers. It's important to note that during any free trial period offered by the SMS gateway providers, testing or using the connection within our CRM won't work.
Can I use my iPhone and connect my Sim Card with your CRM?
Not yet. You can only use Android, however, early next year the iPhone connection will be complete and you’ll be able to use your iPhone.
Is it possible to use an e-sim with your platform?

No, currently our platform requires the use of a physical SIM card installed in an Android phone. The phone should either be on a monthly plan or have pre-paid credit. However, we do have plans to integrate e-sim functionality into our platform.

Is it necessary for my phone to be powered on for the sim card integration with your CRM platform to function correctly?

Yes, in order for the sim card integration with our CRM platform to operate effectively, your phone must be powered on. Additionally, a strong signal and stable connection are essential for seamless integration. It’s important to note that the phone can be located anywhere, as long as it meets the signal and connectivity requirements.

Is it possible to send both single and bulk SMS using your CRM?
Yes, our CRM allows you to send both individual SMS as well as bulk SMS. You have the flexibility to customize the timing settings according to your preferences. If you’re utilizing your Sim Card for sending, we recommend a conservative approach by limiting the sending rate to 1 message every 60 seconds. Additionally, utilizing spintax is advised. It’s important not to exceed 500 to 1,000 SMS per day when using your Sim Card for sending. Alternatively, you can also leverage any of our gateway providers and seamlessly connect your account for efficient single and bulk SMS sending.
My Sim Card won’t send out messages, I think it’s blocked. How do I fix this?
  • A) Sim Card Clogs: When you change our default sending speed (10-20 seconds) to be sent out faster, you will experience sim card clog 100% of the time. This is where messages are sent, but are delivered later, because you have several messages in the carrier’s network queue that are scheduled to be sent. This is also not good for your sim card reputation.
  • B) Personalization: You forgot to use our personalization or spintax (spinner) for your messages, and your carrier has flagged your sim card for SPAM. If this happens, you MUST WAIT a minimum of 3 days to continue sending messages since most carriers will have you blocked.
  • C) Blacklisted Links: You are sending out messages with a link that has been blacklisted by carriers. To solve this, you simply need to use a URL shortener.
How does your credit system work?
So credits are used for text message segments and calls. Every social and text message segment you send and receive (about 160 characters) is equal to 1 credit. Every 60 seconds you’re on the phone is equal to 1 credit. With our LTD’s we give you a certain amount of credits you can send each month. Our monthly paid plans include unlimited credits. Now to be clear – that doesn’t mean we cover the cost of your texts or calls. You would still have to pay for your usage through whoever you’re using (Twilio, Bandwidth, SIM card, etc). But once you send your monthly allotment of credits, you won’t be able to send texts or make any more calls, unless you buy more credits or upgrade to an unlimited subscription plan.
Why do we need to utilize both our own SIM credits and your platform's credits? Is this a form of double-metering, and how does it impact our usage?

The need to use both our platform’s credits and your own SIM credits arises from the infrastructure costs associated with processing messages and calls within our platform. While it may seem like double-metering, it’s important to understand that our platform incurs expenses for providing the necessary processing infrastructure. Utilizing both types of credits ensures seamless communication while covering the costs involved in maintaining and managing the platform efficiently.

Do I need to have my own API key for ChatGPT integration?

Yes, you will need your own API key for integrating ChatGPT. You’ll connect this API key to our system and directly pay OpenAi for any usage costs.

Is it possible to have an unlimited number of SIM card and gateway slots in the SMS-iT CRM?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of SIM card and gateway slots in your CRM, with 2 additional slots incurring a charge of $10 USD per month, where you can purchase an unlimited number of additional slots. (example, for 2 additional slots, it can be 2 simcard slots or 2 SMS gateway slots, or 1 Simcard slot and 1 SMS Gateway slot). Here is the purchase link. Remember, your SMS-iT account initially includes one SIM card and one Gateway slot. You can choose your quantity here - Here's the link - Buy Additional Number Slots

Compliance & Legal

Are you compliant with the TCPA and legal?

Yes. We are 100% compliant with the TCPA and legal. We’re part of the campaign registry.

Is it possible to utilize your CRM for cold SMS marketing purposes?

No, using our CRM for cold SMS marketing is not permitted, particularly in the USA where it is illegal and can result in significant fines, amounting up to $1,500 USD per illegal cold SMS sent. For countries outside the USA, we strongly advise checking and adhering to your local laws governing SMS activities to ensure compliance. It is essential to send SMS marketing messages only to customers who have given consent and opted-in to receive them.

Will the phone carrier find out and suspend my number?

With SMS-iT, compliance is never a concern. Our platform is designed with built-in features that automatically ensure adherence to carrier policies and fair usage regulations. You can rest assured that your messaging campaigns are always fully compliant and up-to-date, without any additional effort or resources on your part. Say goodbye to compliance headaches and hello to effortless messaging with SMS-iT!

Do I have to register A2P with your platform?

To use A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging, registration with your chosen gateway provider (like Telnyx, Ytel, Plivo, Signal Wire, Bandwidth, Vonage, or Twilio) is necessary. This registration process is completed directly on the provider’s website. Notably, Signal Wire tends to be one of the quickest in approving A2P registrations, typically within 2 to 3 business days. If you’re using your Sim Card, it already comes pre-registered with 10DLC, eliminating the need for a separate A2P registration process.

Features & Functionality

How many Sim Card Slots and Gateways are included?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of SIM card and gateway slots in your CRM, with each additional slot incurring a charge of $10 USD per month which includes 2 slots. (It can be 2 simcard slots or 2 SMS gateway slots, or 1 Simcard slot and 1 SMS Gateway slot). Here is the purchase link. You can choose your quantity here - Here's the link - Buy Additional Number Slots

Is there a power dialer available in your CRM?

Yes, we offer a power dialer in our CRM. The Smart Dialer is included in the Appsumo deal. And the power and multi-line dialer powered by AI are provided within our monthly Business plan.

Does your dialer have the capability to record voice calls?

Yes, our dialer allows for the recording of voice calls. In our business plan, the AI feature is available to transcribe these recorded calls. However, in the Appsumo deal, only standard call recording functionality is included without the AI transcription feature.

Is an SMPP connection available within your platform?

Yes, we are in the process of developing an SMPP connection. Once completed, you will have the capability to link your SMPP provider to our platform, enabling the seamless sending of millions of SMS messages per day.

Which social media channels can I currently connect to my Smart Inbox?

As of now, you can connect WhatsApp, Facebook, and Slack to your Smart Inbox. Additionally, we are actively working on integrating over 20 more social media channels, and this integration is expected to be completed within the next 20 weeks.

Is it possible to engage in cold email outreach using your system?

Yes, you can certainly use our system for cold email outreach. However, we strongly recommend taking a few precautions. Firstly, consider using a service such as to warm up your email account before initiating email blasts. Additionally, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the best practices for cold email marketing. If you intend to conduct cold email campaigns from within our platform, it’s advisable to use a burner domain instead of your primary domain to ensure your main domain’s reputation remains intact.

Is it possible to connect my SMTP to the SMS-iT platform?

Yes, you can connect your SMTP through your email provider to the SMS-iT platform. However, please note that you can only connect one SMTP email account within your SMS-iT account.

Account & Subscription

Is there a free trial available for your platform?

Yes, we offer a free trial for our service. During the trial period, you will have 100 credits to test text and call functions. However, please note that sending emails is not available during the trial. This limitation is in place to prevent fraud, abuse, and misuse of the trial while allowing users to experience our platform

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes. However, our affiliates in the new CRM are still being built out and are expected to be completed within 4 weeks.

As Sumo-lings, do we receive discounted pricing when upgrading to your monthly plans?
  1. Tier 1 is 5%
  2. Tier 2 is 10%
  3. Tier 3 is 15%
  4. Tier 4 is 20%.
As an original supporter ('OG Sumoling') from your first V1 product launch, what benefits do I receive with this new LTD offer?
As a valued OG Sumoling who initially invested in our V1 product, you’re automatically upgraded to our Starter plan at NO COST/FOR FREE FOR LIFE. You can see what features are included in the starter plan and outlined on our pricing page at: To access this upgrade, you’ll need to accept our new Terms of Service (TOS) and Terms of Conditions (TOC). Rest assured, this upgrade grants you all the features you had in V1, plus an array of additional functionalities. For example if you purchased Tier 3 in V1, you’ll have unlimited credits in our starter plan and the other tiers with their respective credit limits. It’s important to note that if you’re actively utilizing V1 for your business and agency clients, we recommend holding off on migrating to the CRM until we finalize the integration of agency sub-accounts, a process expected to be completed within the next 4 weeks. To initiate migration to our new CRM, kindly log in at this link: using your decentralized credentials. Please keep in mind it’s totally optional to migrate or you can stay with the V1 product. Additionally, anyone that had purchased sub-accounts in V1 will keep their sub accounts in the new CRM.
Can I upgrade to Tier 4 as an OG Sumoling?

Yes you have the option to purchase Tier 4 through our current Appsumo deal, which provides AI integration into your Smart Inbox and an AI Chatbot you can train that’s nearly fully developed and ready for use. For those who participated in the V1 launch and are now considering the Appsumo deal, rest assured that Appsumo automatically applies a discount based on your previous V1 purchase.

This discount effectively reduces the amount you need to pay. For example if you were Tier 3 in V1, you can purchase Tier 4 on Appsumo at a reduced rate of $200. Simply navigate to Appsumo, click on ‘Products,’ select ‘Existing SMS-iT CRM,’ click ‘upgrade,’ and the discount will be duly applied. You’ll also retain your unlimited credits if you were tier 3 in V1 and if you buy the Tier 4 in the current AS deal. Additionally, if you’ve previously acquired Video Ads, you’ll find it available in the Smart Tools section.

Is white labeling available on your platform?

No, we do not offer a white labeling option on our platform.

Which plan on your pricing page aligns with the features offered in my AppSumo deal?

The features included in your AppSumo deal align with our Basic plan, supplemented with additional features borrowed from both our Starter and Business plans. For a comprehensive understanding of the plans and features, you can visit our pricing page at

Support & Resources

Do you have a PDF guide for setting up Whatsapp connecting in your CRM?
Do you have a Facebook Group & YouTube Channel?
Do you have any API documentation?

Not yet. We haven’t released our API to the public yet, but will in the near future.

Is it possible to purchase a number through SMS-iT?

Yes, you can purchase a number through SMS-iT. However, please note that our billing section is currently under development and is expected to be completed in 8 weeks. During this period, we recommend purchasing the number directly from your gateway provider. Once obtained, you can easily connect and integrate the purchased number with our platform.

When can we expect all your native integrations with third-party applications to be fully functional?

Our plan is to commence the development and integration of the top 1,000 third-party applications in November. It will take at least a year if not more to natively integrate all of them. But some of our first 10 include: Google Workspace, Outlook, Instantly and Active Campaign. Please make sure to vote on our roadmap which ones you want built first.

Do I need to purchase an external SIM Card?

Yes, it’s essential to acquire a SIM card from a local mobile carrier in your country. If you’re in the USA, Metro PCS is a recommended option to consider.

Do I need to initiate a warming process for my Sim Card?

Yes, we recommend warming up your Sim Card for optimal performance. Start by sending 50 SMS on the first day, then gradually increase the volume each day, sending 100 on the second day, 150 on the third, 200 on the fourth, and 250 on the fifth day. Continue this progression until you reach a daily sending volume of 500 to 1,000 per day per sim card for the best results.

Are agency sub-accounts part of your offerings?

Yes, agency sub-accounts are in our pipeline. However, they are not currently included in the Appsumo LTD deals. We’re actively working on finalizing sub-accounts and team accounts, with an anticipated completion within the next 4 weeks. These agency sub-accounts will be priced at $20 USD per month per account and will be accessible starting from the monthly Starter plan and beyond. As we seamlessly integrate these sub-accounts into our CRM, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of their capabilities and any limitations.

Is it advisable to pass on the cost of the Sim Card to my client?

You have the option to pass on the cost of the Sim Card to your client, but this decision ultimately depends on your specific business model and the structure of your monthly fees. We generally recommend having the client cover the cost of their monthly plan, making it their responsibility.

Is it possible to port my existing number from another provider to a Sim Card or a gateway provider within your system?

Yes, absolutely. To port your existing number to your preferred Sim Card or gateway provider within our system, you need to reach out to your current carrier or gateway provider. Request them to initiate the number porting process and transfer the number to one of the accepted gateways in our platform or your sim card carrier provider.

What features or components are not covered in my Appsumo deal?

The Appsumo deal provides access to our basic plan and includes certain additional features. However, it does not grant access to smart tools, advanced workflow automations, full AI capabilities (except for Tier 4 features like the smart inbox and an AI chatbot you can train), power and multi-line dialer, agency sub-accounts, unlimited credits, or any features included in our monthly subscription plans. Essentially, the AS deal offers the fundamental plan with a few extras, such as pipelines from the starter plan and specific AI features available in tier 4.

Will the APK Sim Card connection be compatible with all Android devices?

Yes. We have recently identified the need for multiple APKs to ensure compatibility across various Android software versions, ensuring functionality across all Android devices. Our dedicated Android developer is currently working on this, and we anticipate completion within 2 to 4 weeks. This development will eliminate concerns about the Android version, making the app accessible on both older and newer Android devices.

GHL Use Case

Do you have a PDF guide for setting up GHL connection?
Is it possible to link more than one SIM card to a single GHL sub-account?

No, you can only connect one SIM card per GHL sub-account. If you require multiple SIM cards for sending SMS messages across different sub-accounts, you would need to purchase additional SIM card slots in SMS-iT, with each slot connecting to a specific sub-account in GHL. Remember, your SMS-iT account initially includes one SIM card and one Gateway slot. If you need to link extra SIM cards or Gateways, there’s a $10/month fee for each additional line you wish to connect.

Can I track undelivered SMS messages within GHL?

Yes, GHL provides visibility into undelivered SMS messages, marking them as ‘undelivered.’ Additionally, within SMS-iT, you’ll also have a dedicated section that displays undelivered messages in your activity logs, ensuring you can easily monitor and manage any delivery issues.

Can I use this for any work flows and automations in GHL?

Yes you can.

If someone replies, will the responses be received within GHL?

Yes, when someone replies, you will receive and be able to respond to these messages within GHL. However, it’s important to note that making calls with your sim card is not a feature available within GHL. We advise 1 sub-account for SMS and 1 sub-account for calls.

If I connect my SIM card, will my native SMS action steps in GHL be processed through the SMS-iT platform?

Yes. When you integrate your SIM card, you'll set SMS-iT as the custom provider in the advanced settings within the phone number section of GHL. This selection makes SMS-iT the default SMS provider for the sub account it's associated with, ensuring that all your native SMS action steps in GHL are being sent with your sim card.

If I send messages from GHL using my SIM card, will these messages appear in the conversations tab?

Yes. Any messages you send and receive via GHL using your SIM card will be displayed in the conversation tab of the respective contact you're communicating with, making it easy to keep track of your interactions.

Is it possible to use my sim card for making calls within GHL?

No, unfortunately, the GHL voice API is not accessible to the public, so you cannot use your sim card to make calls within GHL.

How can I handle incoming calls to the SIM card when it's linked to Go High Level?

When your SIM card is connected to GHL and you receive a call, you can either set up call forwarding to redirect the call to another number or answer it directly on the Android phone linked to GHL. However, please note that calls won't be recorded within GHL. To enable call recording, we recommend creating 1 sub account for SMS and one for calls—so that you can use Twilio to record calls in GHL.

Do I have to buy SMS-iT sub-accounts at the rate of $20 USD per sub-account per month?

No, the $20/mo sub-account is intended for our CRM access, primarily for clients who wish to use the features within our SMS-iT platform. However, if your objective is to solely integrate with GHL, then it will cost $10 per 2 slots. (e.g., 2 sim card slots, 2 gateway slots or 1 gateway and 1 sim card slot) You can purchase sim card slots here: Purchase Numbers Plan

Can I use your Sim Card connection with GHL?

Yes. You can receive and send messages within GHL, but NOT make calls.