Empowering Your Success With Next-Level Features

Whether it’s text messaging, voice calls, social media engagement, or automation through AI, this platform offers a comprehensive toolkit to optimize your customer interactions and streamline your communication processes.

Cloud Version Credits and Numbers

This feature allows you to use our network/provider for buying numbers abd sending messages. It is different from the Decentralized Connections, where you use your own Simcard or SMS Gateway or SMPP, as your network.

Text (SMS, MMS, RCS)

This feature enables you to communicate directly with your audience through different types of text messages.

SMS (Short Message Service)

These are standard text messages, commonly used for brief, text-based communication.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

These allow you to send multimedia content like images, audio, and video alongside text.

RCS (Rich Communication Services)

A more advanced form of messaging that supports features like group chats, file sharing, and more interactive elements.

Social Media Messaging

This refers to the capability of the CRM system to handle and manage messages sent through various social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter Direct Messages, and other similar channels. This feature allows businesses to engage with their customers directly through these platforms, providing support, answering inquiries, and building relationships.


The CRM system includes an email module that allows businesses to manage their email communications with customers. This can involve sending marketing emails, transactional messages, and handling customer inquiries or support tickets through the integrated email system.


Fax functionality in the CRM allows businesses to send and receive faxes directly through the CRM platform. This feature is particularly useful for industries or regions where fax communication is still prevalent, such as healthcare and legal sectors.


The voice functionality encompasses a range of communication methods involving spoken interactions. This includes making and receiving phone calls, as well as utilizing features like voice broadcasting and voicemail.

Voice Broadcast: This feature enables businesses to send out pre-recorded messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously. It's often used for announcements, marketing promotions, or emergency notifications.

Voicemail: The CRM system includes voicemail capabilities, allowing businesses to receive and store voice messages from customers when they are unavailable to answer a call.

Calls: This refers to the ability to initiate and receive phone calls directly through the CRM platform. It enables businesses to manage their telephonic interactions with customers within the CRM environment.

Smart Inbox

The Smart Inbox in SMS-iT CRM is a centralized communication hub that integrates over 22 social media messaging platforms, SMS, MMS, RCS, email, fax, and voice communications. It provides businesses with a unified view of customer interactions across multiple channels, allowing them to efficiently manage and respond to messages. The Smart Inbox also supports automation and workflow tools to streamline message handling, ensuring prompt and effective customer engagement.

It is a sophisticated messaging platform that not only receives messages but also helps you efficiently manage and respond to them. It also has features like message categorization, AI for automated responses which can be trained with Websites, Chat Logs, Text, User Feedbacks, Industry Specific Knowledge, Notion, Youtube, DOCs, Code Docs, PDF etc, and tagging to keep your communication organized.

AI for Smart Inbox, Messages, and Smart Tools

This involves using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance various aspects of your messaging and communication.

ChatGPT and Bard

These are AI-powered tools that can assist in generating responses or providing suggestions to make your interactions smarter and more personalized.


This feature helps you design and manage the journey that your leads take through your sales process. It could involve setting up stages for leads to progress through, ensuring that they receive the right information and follow-up at each step.

SMS Gateways & SMPP

These are technologies that facilitate the sending and receiving of SMS messages. SMS gateways act as intermediaries between different systems, ensuring reliable and secure message delivery. SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is a protocol used in the telecommunications industry for exchanging SMS messages.

Smart Tools©

This encompasses a wide range of 30+ customer acquisition and retention tools that serve various purposes.

Analytics Tools: These help you track and analyze the performance of your communication efforts.

Compliance Tools: These ensure that your communication adheres to legal and industry-specific regulations.

AI-powered Options: These include tools and features that utilize artificial intelligence for tasks like sentiment analysis or predictive analytics.


(Simple Drip Campaign Tool)

These are automated responses that can be triggered based on specific keywords, actions, or time triggers. They help provide instant replies to messages, ensuring quick customer engagement.


(Response Automation Tool)

This is an automated chatbot that interacts with users based on predefined rules and algorithms. It can handle various tasks and inquiries without human intervention.


(Special Day Wishes tool)

This feature allows businesses to automatically send personalized anniversary wishes to their customers via SMS, MMS, RCS or Email. It’s a thoughtful way to engage and build rapport with customers.


(Special Day Wishes tool)

This tool allows for the creation and management of blog content, which can be integrated with your website or blog for marketing purposes.



This feature enables you to run competitions or giveaways, engaging your audience and potentially increasing brand awareness or customer loyalty.


(Efficient Agreement Handling)

Utilize Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology to facilitate seamless creation, distribution, management and review of agreements, ensuring optimal deal processes and compliance.


(Fundraising Tool)

This tool facilitates collecting donations or funds through a digital kiosk or platform, making it convenient for supporters to contribute to a cause.


(Create AI-Powered Website Chatbots)

GPT is a cutting-edge solution for developing AI-powered website chatbots. Leveraging advanced natural language processing technology, GPT enables businesses to create chatbots that engage with website visitors in a human-like manner, providing instant assistance and enhancing user experience. With GPT, organizations can automate customer support, streamline interactions, and deliver personalized responses, ultimately improving overall satisfaction and efficiency.


(Kiosk Builder for Reward-iT)

This tool allows you to design and create interactive kiosk interfaces for Reward-iT, which can be used for various purposes like information dissemination, surveys, or collecting feedback.


(Kiosk Builder for Reward-iT)

This tool enables businesses to implement and manage loyalty programs, where customers are rewarded for their repeat business or other specified actions.


(Mobile Coupon Creation Tool)

This allows you to generate mobile coupons effortlessly for businesses to distribute to customers, enhancing customer retention and acquisition strategies.


(Mobile Page Building Solution)

This tool helps you design and create mobile-friendly web pages. These pages can be optimized for various purposes, such as product promotions, event information, or lead generation.


(Non-GSM Character Checker)

This is a tool that helps verify and manage characters that may not be compatible with GSM networks, ensuring that messages are delivered accurately.


(Survey and Poll Creation Platform)

This feature enables you to create and distribute polls or surveys to your audience, gathering valuable feedback or data for driving participation and market research.


(Contest and Sweepstakes Management)

Empower businesses to organize and oversee contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways while facilitating live or electronic drawings to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

SMS-iT Video Ads©

(Create Interactive Videos)

Video Ads is a dynamic platform tailored for creating interactive videos that captivate and engage audiences. With Video Ads, you can craft compelling video content enriched with interactive elements, fostering deeper viewer engagement and interaction. Whether it's clickable links, quizzes, or immersive experiences, Video Ads empower creators to elevate their video campaigns to new heights of interactivity and effectiveness.


(Social Media Planning Tool)

Simplify social media planning and scheduling to streamline content management and maximize engagement across platforms. This tool helps schedule and manage social media posts and campaigns, ensuring consistent and strategic communication across various platforms.


(Missed Call Messaging Solution)

Deliver instant notifications and engage with customers seamlessly through missed call alerts.


(Web Signup Widget)

Implement an intuitive web signup widget to effortlessly capture leads and expand your subscriber base, optimizing online engagement and conversion.


(QR Code Builder)

Easily generate QR codes for various applications, simplifying information sharing and engagement for businesses and individuals.


(Recurring reminders for customer retention)

Schedule and receive notifications or alerts at specified intervals or on specific dates and times. This feature is designed to help you manage repetitive tasks, appointments, or events efficiently to increase customer retention and loyalty..


(Custom Short Link Generator)

Quickly create custom short links, including custom domains, for streamlined sharing and tracking of online content.


(Web Assets Creation Platform)

Empower users to effortlessly create stunning websites, funnels, surveys and memberships with intuitive tools and customizable templates, maximizing online presence and engagement.


The funnel represents the stages a customer goes through before making a purchase or taking a desired action. It typically includes stages like awareness, consideration, and conversion. This tool helps design and track customer journeys through various stages.


This tool involves the creation and management of websites within the CRM system. It allows businesses to have an online presence where they can provide information, showcase products or services, and engage with their audience.


This tool allows for the creation and management of blog content. Blogs are a way to share informative and engaging content with your audience, which can help drive traffic to your website and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.


This tool allow you to create and manage membership programs or areas within your website. This can be used for exclusive content, special offers, or community engagement with your loyal customers.


Forms are interactive elements on a website where visitors can input information. This tool allows you to create and customize forms for various purposes such as lead generation, contact forms, surveys, and more.


This tool enables you to create and distribute surveys to your audience. Surveys are useful for gathering feedback, conducting market research, and understanding customer preferences.

Chat Widget

The chat widget is a small interface element on a website that allows visitors to engage in real-time chat with a representative. It provides an instant way for visitors to get answers to their questions or receive assistance. It is powered by AI, and you can train the AI using Text, Website URL, Chat Logs, User Feedback and Industry-Specific Knowledge.

URL Redirects

This tool allows you to manage the redirection of URLs. It means that when a user tries to access a specific URL, you can configure it to redirect them to another page or website. This can be used for various purposes like rebranding, tracking campaigns, or ensuring a smooth user experience.

Even More Tools!

Voice Broadcast

Sending a single voice message to a large number of recipients simultaneously. The receipients phone will ring, and when they receive the call, they would hear your voice message. You can also do ringless voicemails.

Smart Dialer with Customer Connect

A tool that automates the process of dialing and connecting with customers, potentially using AI to prioritize calls.

Receptionist – IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

This automated system interacts with callers, providing them with options and routing them to the right department or information.


These allow callers to reach specific individuals or departments within your organization by entering a specific extension number.

Social with 22+ Channels

This feature enables you to communicate with your audience through various social media platforms. It could include popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Email with SMTP Gateway

This integrates email communication seamlessly into your CRM system. It allows you to send and receive emails directly from the platform, ensuring that all your communication channels are centralized.

QR Code Builder – PRO

This tool lets you create customized QR codes. These codes can be scanned by customers to quickly access specific information or take specific actions, enhancing customer engagement.

Smart Analytics

This feature provides you with in-depth insights derived from your campaigns and interactions. It helps you make informed decisions based on data, optimizing your communication strategies for better results.


This is a feature that allows you to keep detailed notes and information for each customer interaction. It’s a way to ensure that you have a comprehensive record of your communications with each customer.

Staff AI (AI-Powered Virtual Assistance)

This feature enhances efficiency by providing AI-powered virtual assistance. It can handle tasks like appointment scheduling, answering common queries, and more, allowing your team to focus on higher-level responsibilities.

Smart Contact Management

This tool helps you organize and manage your contacts efficiently. It allows for targeted outreach, ensuring that you can communicate with specific groups or individuals effectively.


This feature simplifies scheduling by integrating appointment booking directly into your CRM system. It makes it easier for customers to set up meetings or appointments with your team.


This feature provides pre-designed message templates that you can use for your communications. It’s a time-saving tool, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your messaging.

Activity Logs

This keeps a detailed record of all interactions. It provides a comprehensive history of communication, which can be valuable for reporting, analysis, and maintaining a transparent record.

Leads Reports

This provides you with in-depth reports on your leads. It helps you understand your audience better, allowing you to tailor your communication strategies to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Unlimited Keywords

This allows you to create custom keywords that customers can use to interact with your brand. It provides an intuitive and easy way for customers to engage with your services or content.

Unlimited Team Accounts

This feature enables seamless collaboration with your team members on a single platform. It ensures that everyone involved in customer communication has access to the necessary tools and information.

Smart Numbers Management

This tool helps you efficiently manage your phone numbers. It ensures that you have control over your communication channels, allowing for optimal outreach to your audience.

Smart Compliance Management

This feature ensures that your communications comply with industry regulations and standards. It helps maintain trust and credibility with your audience, avoiding potential legal issues.

Tons of Integrations

SMS-iT CRM seamlessly connects with various existing tools and platforms. This means you can integrate it with your current systems, allowing for a smooth workflow across your entire organization.

Power Dialer + Multi-Line Dialer

These features enhance your calling capabilities. The power dialer automates the process of making calls, while the multi-line dialer allows for managing multiple lines simultaneously, increasing efficiency in your outreach efforts.

Bulk Social for Text

This feature allows you to reach your audience on popular social media platforms through bulk messaging. It’s an efficient way to expand your reach and engagement on social media.

Workflow Automation with AI

This tool helps streamline your processes by automating tasks with the help of AI. It ensures that routine tasks are handled efficiently, freeing up time for your team to focus on more strategic activities.

E-commerce Suite with AI

This feature enhances your e-commerce efforts with the help of AI-powered functionalities. It might include features like personalized product recommendations or automated order processing to improve the online shopping experience.

Smart Analytics for Smart Tools

This feature provides data-driven insights to optimize the performance of your CRM tools. It helps you make informed decisions on how to best utilize the available functionalities.


This tool allows you to monitor and manage your customer journeys. It provides insights into how customers interact with your brand over time, helping you refine your communication strategies.

Phone Number Validation & Lookup

This ensures that the contact information in your CRM system is accurate and up-to-date. It’s crucial for maintaining effective communication with your audience.

Smart Scraper – Contact Data Completer

This tool enhances your data by automatically completing missing contact information. It ensures that your CRM system has complete and accurate customer details.

Smart Database

The Smart Database boasts an extensive repository of over 2 billion records, offering users a valuable resource for their marketing endeavors. It’s important to note that sending text messages to these records is conditional on obtaining prior consent.

SMS-iT Connect©

SMS-iT Connect is a Smart Video conferencing feature that allows secure collaboration from anywhere. It offers Create meeting for later, Instant Connect, and Schedule Connect options. Two key differentiators is the ability to save all group chats during a video conference for easy reference and it uniquely captures attendees' contact data and adds them directly to the CRM for future omnichannel messaging, follow-ups, and automated campaign messaging. This feature provides significant benefits to users, marketers, and businesses.

iOT (Internet of Things)

Integration and Connectivity: SMS-iT CRM leverages the power of the Internet of Things by seamlessly integrating with IoT devices. This allows for the collection of real-time data from various connected devices such as smart appliances, wearables, and sensors.

Data Insights: By gathering data from IoT devices, the CRM system can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. For example, it can track usage patterns, product interactions, and environmental conditions, enabling businesses to offer personalized services and recommendations.

Geo Targeting

Location-Based Marketing: With Geo Targeting, SMS-iT CRM allows businesses to target their marketing efforts based on a user's geographical location. This can be used to send location-specific promotions, event notifications, or relevant local information.

Personalized Communication: By incorporating geospatial data, the CRM system can tailor messages to suit the preferences and needs of customers in specific locations. This enhances customer engagement and increases the likelihood of conversion.


Virtual Reality (VR) Integration: SMS-iT CRM embraces the concept of the metaverse by integrating with virtual reality platforms. This enables immersive customer experiences, allowing users to interact with products or services in a virtual environment.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Businesses can use the metaverse to create virtual showrooms, conduct virtual events, or offer virtual tours of their products or services. This fosters deeper engagement and a unique customer experience.


Data Security and Integrity: SMS-iT CRM utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the security and integrity of customer data. Each interaction and transaction is recorded in a decentralized ledger, making it highly resistant to tampering or unauthorized access.

Transparent Transactions: Blockchain enables transparent and auditable transactions, which can be particularly important for industries like finance, healthcare, and supply chain management. It ensures trust and accountability in customer interactions.